Can we fight climate change on our own?

Can we fight climate change on our own, or does society need to act in concert? Can we as individuals do anything meaningful? This from ClimateAdam is a really useful way to think about and discuss those questions.


One Response to “Can we fight climate change on our own?”

  1. gcitytimes Says:

    What ARE the most effective means to find sustainable solutions to a temperature rise of 4-6° Celsius (by the end of the century) that will result in catastrophic climate change if the status quo path of fossil fuel consumption is not curtailed by sustainable solutions? I posit the most effective arguments are not debating the merit or minutiae related to the scientific consensus on global warming as detailed in the IPCC report, but instead economic arguments as;
    1. the LCOE of renewable energy is now generally less expensive than that of fossil fuels
    and 2. conservatives will generally respond better to economic arguments

    With that in mind, Green City Times has developed set of actionable goals in order to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale>>>>

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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